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March 29 2017

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A relaxing grove of tall green trees alongside the country lane.
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Swimming peacefully in a mountain lake. Begin to wonder, "What if..."

...Hiawatha had access to magic artifacts?
...Joan of Arc was inspired by Moses?
...Mary Wollstonecraft Shelly was indirectly responsible for the invention of the League of Nations?
...Ronald Regan had access to terraforming?
...Saint Dominic was killed by Hiawatha?
...Saint Luke lived in a world where the sinking of Atlantis had never happened?
...Saint Peter had access to virtual reality?
...the sinking of Atlantis had never happened?

Atlantis would be a cool place to hang out.
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Dark but welcoming forest in green.
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Rocky coastal scene
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Purple leaf, purple leaf. Makes me think of Prince.
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Small fishing village in a winter scene
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River cutting through a green valley
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Mountain over water at sunset.
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A lone flower in a field of green
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Lone Mountain at sunset. Note that I didn't say Lonely Mountain.
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It's a bit like the Misty Mountains from the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Watch out for goblins!
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waterfall in a broken landscape
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River meandering through snowy mountains on a quiet Winter day. This scene leads me to ponder the following "What if?" situations...

...Aleister Crowley, Karl Marx, and Columbus were connected by occult arts?
...Harun Al-Rashid switched places with Charles Babbage?
...Napoleon lived in a world where the advent of Christianity had never happened?
...the Boer War involved a mysterious conspiracy?
...the evolution of mankind had never happened?
...the most advanced technology of today was animal husbandry?
...the rise of the Islamic Caliphate happened after the Sino-Japanese War?
...the spread of Buddism involved terraformers?

I'm struggling on that last one.
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A few thought-provoking "What If"'s:

...Benjamin Franklin, Copernicus, and Saint Peter were connected by a magical artifact?
...Beowuf lived at the same time as Columbus?
...Beowuf lived at the same time as Robert Oppenheimer?
...Plato switched places with Newton?
...Pontious Pilate switched places with Joan of Arc?
...Pythagoreas was a xenobiologist?
...Voltaire lived at the same time as Teddy Roosevelt?
...the arrival of the Pilgrims in America involved nanotechnologists?
...the evolution of mankind involved nuclear power?
...the most advanced technology of today was farming?

March 28 2017

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Mountain lake cabin on a pier.
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Farmhouse in Winter
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Sunset over the farm. This is the inspiration for a scene in my novel where Steve is the best friend of Annabelle's crush. Anabelle cannot stand Steve, and would prefer it if he was out of the picture.
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Morning sunrise, dominated by purple skies. This peaceful and hopeful scene ironically reminds me of several negative and surprising scenes I'm working on for my novel.

Everything was going according to plan until...
The keys are nowhere to be found

Thing were looking good until...
The the hero gets robbed

Thing were looking good until...
The food is poisoned

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