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March 05 2017

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I really enjoy the light bursting through the window in this photo. And those gray stockings look warm.

Been working more on the novel. A few more What If exercises to ponder...

...Alexander the Great switched places with Ghengis Khan?
...Copernicus was actually Plato?
...JRR Tolkien was inspired by Immanuel Kant ?
...Jules Verne lived in a world where the rise of the Aztec Empire had never happened?
...Martin Luther was directly responsible for nanotechnology?
...Pythagoreas was deliberately responsible for the fall of the Aztec Empire?
...Ray Kroc was an astrologer?
...Saladin was connected to Tutankhamen by a secret bloodline?
...Wilbur Wright was responsible for artificial life?
...the fall of Mankind from the Garden of Eden happened after the rise of Buddhism?
We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.
— Anais Nin
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The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.
— Helen Keller
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I would be very happy if she woke up like this...next to me.

I'm working on a novel. It's an adventure and fantasy mix that takes place in an entirely fictional world. But to get things going, I've been practicing my writing using some simple "What If..." scenarios, like these:

What if...

...Beowulf was responsible for the Global influenza epidemic?
...Bill Gates was deliberately responsible for mind control?
...Cleopatra lived at the same time as King George III?
...Harriet Tubman was directly responsible for interdimensional travel?
...Harriet Tubman, Thomas Agrippa, and Montezuma were connected by a secret bloodline?
...Plato switched places with Haile Selassie?
...Pythagoreas lived in a world where the travel of Buddism to Japan had never happened?
...Robert Oppenheimer was a treasure-hunter?
...the sinking of Atlantis involved a secret bloodline?
...the sinking of Atlantis involved astronauts?

I kind of like the Bill Gates one.

For my writing, I'm using the following tools and apps:

Ulysses for writing. I like that it syncs between my iPad and my Macbook Pro.

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No novel is complete without proper settings. Here are some of the places that will host some of the best scenes from my upcoming novel. The novel that has no name...yet.
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A few characters from the upcoming novel I am writing, or at least thinking about writing.


The unwise, disloyal chef. His silky hair is the color of fresh blood. His mysterious eyes are lemon-yellow. His voice is always tinged with laughter. His bizarre clothes might just be calculated to show off his lithe build.


This swashbuckler can be annoying and brash, yet is somehow still loveable. His luxurious hair is chestnut. His jade-colored eyes have a hyptonic quality you can't resist. He obsessively wears a weird ring.


This novelist is always cracking jokes - but do they conceal a deeper issue? His lavender eyes speak of inner dangers. His immaculate hair is ivory. His voice is like thunder.


The literate and outgoing chef. His smoke-gray eyes call to you. His overlong hair is gold. When he speaks, he speaks each word dramatically and clearly. He has the hands of an artist. His outfits are revealing, he has a preference for orange, and he has a thing for low-riding pants.

Muckhorror The Vomitous

This pirate may be evil, but can be changed by love. His alabaster eyes have a mirrorlike quality to them. His immaculate hair is beige.


This vampire is quite the drinker His well-styled hair is pine-green. His intriguing eyes are sapphire. His exotic outfits show off his narrow body, and he prefers them to be made from finest silk.

September 14 2014


10 Outstanding Star Wars: Commander Help And Guides

Star Wars Commander is a brand new mobile game developed by Disney Interactive that is based on the Star Wars Universe. Here are a few great Star Wars: Commander Cheats for novices.

1. Take Advantage of Your 1st Few Days of Immunity Against Player Attacks

When you first step into Star Wars: Commander, you'll see that there's a live player vs. player facet of the game. Since you will not have the troops or resources needed to assault/defend yourself, you are given a couple days of immunity by the game. Use this protective time period to become more acquainted with the single-player areas of the game.

Notice that once someone is attacked by you during your resistance period, which will immediately remove your protection that is timed. And when you are prepared to purchase some protection that is timed, you must always cop the 1-week protection boost.

2. The Empire Troops Have entry to Additional Component Transports, although They could not Be stronger

When selecting which side to play as (the Rebels or the Empire), note that you'll have use of the exact same infantry kinds with looks that are different naturally. You will get to train and apply the help of rocket launcher equipped soldiers, heavy machine gunners, snipers and more.

Note that the Rebels are the more powerful of the sides you'll get to select from. They have access to extra component transports while the Empire is a bit poorer.

3. Focus

One of the buildings you have to focus your updating efforts on is the Research Facility. A powerful Research Facility leads to your troops (leveled all and up) getting even more powerful. For instance, training stormstroopers within your Barracks and after that researching your troops will cause them to become super reliable.

4. Build A Healthy quantity of Barracks Up

Your Barracks are desired to be able to train your troops. Build up a lot of Barracks and make them a top priority of building to update the on your own record. Achieving this may result in your troops much faster and also the larger amount of troops at a time can be trained by you.

5. The most effective Methods Towards Using Your Starship Command Airstrikes

You'll have the ability to use airstrikes for quicker and greater levels of damage once you unlock the starship command. Your best bet with all the airstrikes is to you either take out resource buildings or sign up for the guns. Or, if you are really trying hard to really go for metals, unleash your atmosphere stripes in the enemy headquarters to ensure that it is extremely easy to remove.

6. Upgrade Your Credit Vault a Short Ton, Too

Another building you focus on updating is the credit vault. You'll have to stash those crystals and all that cash you'll be amassing as time goes on. This also goes for the alloy storehouse.

7. Keep You'll and Your Base Clean Be Granted Some Crystals for Your Troubles

This trick's rather simple - ensure you clean all of the junk and stone heaps off you have trashed through your foundation. Make certain your droids do all this dirty work and you'll earn some extra crystals. Complete assignments and log in with Facebook to nab some more crystals also.

Remember to finish any storyline missions with three stars. This accomplishment will gift you with some crystals too.

8. Defend Your Buildings that are Important and Use Your Less Important Buildings to Defend Against Assaults
Star Wars Commander

You need to allow it to be a top priority to offer some walls around your significant buildings, including your alloy storehouse and credit vault up. That goes for the sets. Then you definitely must use them to encircle the perimeter around your buildings that are better if there is any building you are prepared to give for the greater good.

Don't forget to place some turrets near fortresses that are constructing and your defensive walls so live players do not get too close to your cherished buildings.

9. The Smartest methods to Approach

Once you're able to take on a player that is live, you should make sure you've got a worthy quantity of troops and resources before you head into conflict. Once the live player battle starts, you must make it a habit to take their gun turrets out ASAP. Then make sure should their defensive walls happen to get any, you tear down them. Once you have done all with this, concentrate your attention on knocking down their buildings and depleting their resources.

In the event the live player you're taking on has a shield generator, you also need to make this resource a top priority to tear down. During these live player skirmishes, you should put your selected heroes. You should focus on beating down those much weaker live players.

10. Attempt to Build Up More Than One of every one At a Time

It is possible to build up several resource generators in a time so that they can make circuits and more alloy:

It is also possible to construct a lot more than one with respect to the amount of your headquarters, although it's possible for you to update your resource generators to produce more alloy and credits. Assembling greater than one troop transport is particularly important when later missions begin pitting you against large amounts of enemy soldiers.

September 05 2014


Poptropica Red Dragon Island

All of us want to travel anywhere in the world. So that it'll be wonderful if we've our own time machine, you will go for numerous spots anytime you want, and less fare...seems wonderful. Here experience by means of the magic tree house,, sure you might have Red Dragon Island at the it enjoy every section of it and to travel to Japan. Here is the complete Guide to Red Dragon Island

First Things First:

When you arrive in the island, run to the right till you see a tire swing near a tree, following the mansion.
Wherein the tire swing says click it Enter. A white magic sparkle will fly passing the roof, then Jack and Annie will run to the tree house.
You'll visit the tree, and will cut on the rope. Subsequently bring along the tire beside you to the left. Keep pushing on the tire on the left till you find Jack's eyeglass on the earth that's near the tree where the tree house is found.
Pick up the eyeglasses, afterward using the tire, hop on it to scale to the tree house's hanging ladder.
You will meet Jack and Annie, when you enter the tree house. Get the eyeglasses on your backpack and provide it to Jack.
Walk to the left and grab the large blue book that's the Frog Creek Pennsylvania. Home Town USA book.
Next, you will talk with Annie and ask her how the tree house works, she will tell you first to get the novel that is pink on her right that's the A Journey to old Japan. Pick up the novel and use it and say the magic words "I wish we could go there". Your wish will soon be granted. Hold tight for you will travel to historical Japan.

Journey to Edo Japan

The Magic tree house works like a machine that is traveling. It will move rapidly into the air and be amazed! You're in Japan! Cool ride! You three will appear outside. Annie and Jack already wear their kimonos.
Jack will provide you with a Magic amulet which you can use to go back anytime. They'll leave you now and tells one to locate your kimono; but you'll going to follow them.
On your way, you'll meet two samurai guards, when you click on them they will detain you. They will bring you on prison, and there is no way out. But remember you have your magic amulet, thus get it on your back pack as well as in split seconds you are back in the magic tree house.
Leave the tree house and run to the left. Go in the Bonsai Trees store which is now open. You will meet a woman whom you can discuss kimono. Subsequently she'll will offer you a kimono you need and proceed to the closet. Simply choose what colour you have like and wear it to experience wearing Japan national costume. After wearing it, you'll find a passport in the pocket; I think you are no illegal alien anymore.
Since you appear to be a citizen and have the passport, you'll be able to pass the guards. Head to the left to enter your next location.
When you arrive, you will see that Annie and Jack have now been arrested by the samurai guards for they do not have passport. You've got to save Annie and Jack, so it's the time showing off some Ninja moves.
After you pass on the bridge, you will meet a guy using a hat before a seafood store that is fresh. You will speak to him and he'll let you know that you must caught a kappa utilizing a fish that is rotten for you yourself to go in.
Walk a bit left, and you will start to see the green rotten fish to the rock staircase, go up and pick it up. Afterward continue to really go upstairs and enter the fortress.
Regrettably a soldier doesn't know although you'll meet him wherein you'll require the ninja master. When you're underneath the dragon head statue hanging on wall and that means you proceed to the right, a piece of paper will likely be thrown away. That is a parchment. You will visit a letter from Annie saying that you have to discover the Ninja master to rescue captives of the Shogun kept on that place because they are now them, when you analyze it. Go down and leave the spot. Then go all of the way to the left till you discover Mortar's Tote. You'll visit a house in the event you continue to go. Go inside.
You'll meet an old man whom you will ask regarding the Ninja master, he will let you know that Ninja master Basho is merely purchasing eggs.
Leave the place till you see a samurai guard with five individuals in a line and run back to the right, they are seeking the fish thief. You'll offer him help. You will have a task wherein the suspects will be arranged by you in an order that is right. First you will switch the position of the 4th guy as well as the 5th woman without eyeglasses with moustache. Afterward exchange the position of that 4th woman to the 1st girl in the front line. Then put the 3rd guy with moustache and eyeglasses to the fourth row, the man without eyeglasses will weep and you just solve the case.
You will be given a betting slip on a sumo match as a return by the samurai guard. Now go the right till you reach the bridge. Take advantage of your bag of mortar to help the people fix the bridge. You just need to put the crumble pieces in the bottom to the two walls of bridge. It is just just like a jigsaw puzzle, bits might be set on the background, then try the other pieces, the people are correct if they glow and then will attach.
A sumo wrestler will run and he'll lose something, after mending the bridge.
Go ahead and pick it up, at this point you have your Bonsai scissors. Walk a bit right and go down the bridge.
You visit the left till you see a fisherman on a boat. Get your rotten fish in your backpack and you will have your second job, to catch the kappa.
The kappa fish is tricky which means you have to block all potential passages of it where your web is placed, to ensure that he will enter the center hole. Plan the bee hive to obstruct the tree hole, light the lantern as well as the camp fire at the same time. Push on the big stone to obstruct also one other hole to the right, on the pond set the frog on the lily pads to block the kappa, when you began putting your fish bait that is rotten online. Provide the fisherman and come back to the Bonsai Tree store to the right side the kappa.
You'll use your bonsai scissors to trim among the bonsai trees; it should match the image accurately. The man enters the shop will buy that bonsai tree you can give it to the sumo champion, Yokozuna and cut. Exit the place and go to the left in the Sumo Arena (after fish market, continue until you are in the next zone then climb up the rock staircase, to go left). Go to upper left and enter the doorway.
Next, walk to the right and you will meet Yokozuna's supervisor, you'll help them copy the Kanji symbols on the cards for his buffs. Once done, you go to right, talk to the sumo competition to take his place because he's frightened.
The champion will now leap to the ring, prepare for your own fight. Yokozuna will attempt to push you out from the ring, you've got to jump over him when he runs towards you when he stomps his foot and leap again. He can get mad and his face will turn red, when you prevent every one of these three times in a row. He will charge at you, you will want to leap making the ring side fall outside of the ring in the event you are near him and you also win.
The nearby soldiers who lost their money will come to you personally as well as for your passport as well as ask certainly will challenge you. Subsequently the old man in the lake house will come that is the real Ninja master, Basho. He 'll be followed by you'll about the lake house you will now have your ninja training.

NINJA Training

First, you'll have your ninja clothing. Get card is customized by the on your own backpack.
Next, Basho will teach you the way to work with the SHUKO, which are the handheld claws that allows you leap from walls that are additionally attached in your hands at all times and to cling. You'll move about the following task, after obtaining the red ribbon on the tree following the cherry blossom tree.
Since the shuko are consistently equipped, it is possible to place additional tools in the menu in the bottom left corner of the screen.
Added tools are the throwing smoke bombs and stars; use the space bar to throw those in the direction of your cursor. Another is the bo staff, in case you tap the spacebar while standing you'll produce a defensive spin. But while running if you employ it, you'll jump in the air. The quicker you run, the more complex the vault. One more utilize it on any metal rings, just click the band then click to release, and to start out swinging. Last is the ninja eye/vision which lets you magnify a scene, functions just like a telescope (use the spacebar to activate this).
You're final training will fix the stone wall, after mastering the ninja tools.

Saving Jack and Annie

Go back to the right before you get to the fort where Annie and Jack being held, now proceed to the right and start climbing the stone wall using your shuko (claws). Prevent to be hit by the logs, instead jump over them to use them as a step near the top.
You can use your ninja eyesight spot some enemies and to test the wall, when you're on top. Go down then use your smoke bombs on the Shogun soldier you'll encounter. Then climb up the wall.
As you go through the chamber, use your ninja vision to check the place. You'll be able to throw your star use the smoke bombs to the grapping hook on alloy rings along with blind the guards to swing. You must get the key in every chamber to exit the door and must collect the three haiku verse to have the password for the third chamber. Always use your ninja vision to look over the positioning of the stuff you have to collect and to be prepared in the Shogun's soldiers.
When you reach the shogun chamber, he'll turn up for a fight because he got Jack and Annie's cage the key, but you are able to merely throw up a star in the rope to make it fall on the ground and release them. The wand will be used by the shogun he gets from Jack and Annie, however just to release the fury of the dragon that is red. The dragon throws up fire; eventually you will be given the wand by the shogun.
The wand leap onto the blue Cloud dragon and will bring you to the Cloud dragon that is on the top of Mount Fuji, so climb up the mountain.

Closing Dragon Battle (Cloud Dragon versus Red Dragon)

You will need to fly the Cloud dragon behind the Red dragon that spews out fire to the the city's buildings. Utilize the water from the Cloud dragon to turn off it. If you can to weaken Red dragon, you must get close to the it and hit its head. Also, you have to turn the Red dragon fully red before it burns all up to the final http://poptropicasecrets.com/ building. That is the difficult amount as a result of those two challenges: you've got to fly in the clouds to refill your water and second is the red dragon dives from your view which makes it more difficult to follow.
Fortunately, there is an easy mode you'll be able to test if you're not able to win in the difficult mode which removes the two challenges on the fight.
After you defeat the dragon, Shogun and Basho will soon be reunited, who both trained as samurai together. Shogun is going to be sorry for his acts that are awful.
Use the magic amulet then make use of the Frog Creek Pennsylvania, and to return on the tree house. Home Town USA novel, to return on the woods where the magic journey began. Just say the magic words, "I wish we could go there".
The three of you're back on Frog Creek, PA. You will be given the island medallion by Annie.

August 29 2014


Poptropica Cheats And Advice For Mythology Island

Here is a step-by-step tutorial to winning Mythology Island in Poptropica.

The initial action to take when you arrive on Main Street is where you'll find the Tree of Immortality, to go left. You have to scale it. Get to the top of the tree by rebounding on mushrooms, leaping from branch to branch, and climbing on the big snakes hanging in the tree.

Talk to the satyr and he'll tell 10 jars of honey to collect within one minute. When you have got them all, return to the satyr and he'll open a secret route for you.

Follow the secret route to the Golden Apple. Click the branch to lose the apple to the ground.

The mighty God Zeus appears out of thin air, once you decide at the Golden Apple. He supplies you with a scroll of Sacred Things and challenges you to finish a quest to recover them.

Examine the Sacred Things Scroll to learn the five items you must return to Zeus.

You'll want to flip the switches at each point in the acqueduct to cause the water to flow down into the pool below.

Now the water is flowing into the pool, the Rare Bloom will blossom right close to the Sphinx.

Pick the Pomegranates in the tree above the Sphinx.

Return and go inside the Museum of Olympus. You'll locate the Starfish stuck to the face of Poseidon's statue.

Go inside Apollo's Temple and it is possible to pick up your own Reed Pipe.

When you have the Reed Pipe, request the statue of Euterpe to teach you a tune. Memorize the sequence of notes and repeat them to her.

To add the Pipe Melody to your own inventory, first learn a song from Euterpe. She'll give you the Pipe Melody.

Head over to increase entry and the Labryinth to the entrance by making use of the Reed Pipe to play with the tune you see on the doorway. The right sequence of notes to play is Blue, Blue, Green, Yellow, Yellow, Crimson, Azure, Green.

It may be easy to get lost, once you are inside the Labyrinth. However, you can always follow the golden thread to get back to the last turn you made inside the labyrinth.

The bones puzzle is a riddle. Remove six of the bones so the remaining bones spell the word, "Ten."

You must open the final gate, to leave the maze. It will open when you are successful at clicking on the red-eyed snakes three times.

After you're beyond the labyrinth, talk with the Minotaur and he'll give you his nose Ring.

Graffiti has been left by Zeus on Hades' temple. Help the worker to clean it all away and he'll give you a Drachma.

You will see an altar inside Hades' Temple. To get into the Underworld, put the Pomegranates on it.

The boatman will take you across the river. Avert falling stalactites, hungry gators, and flaming skulls to cross safely.

Play the Pipe Melody on your Reed Pipe to set the poptropica secrets and cheats Cerberus to sleep. Then pluck his whisker.

Go into Poseidon's Temple and put the Starfish. This takes one to Poseidon's Realm.

Aphrodite will request that you identify several Greek gods. All of their identities can be found in the Museum of Olympus.

After you complete Aphrodite's quiz, she will give you the Touchscreen Mirror as a benefit.

Head left and dive down underwater when you reach Poseidon's Statue. Fill up your oxygen meter by swimming into bubbles.

Inside the labyrinth you'll find an oyster. Wait for it to open and then take the Pearl which you'll see inside.

The Hydra can be conquered by jumping on each one of its heads when it strikes.

Snap on the unconscious Hydra to take the Hydra Scale.

Now you have all five of the Sacred Things in your property. Return to the tree and speak with Athena.

The Sacred Items are stolen from you. Athena tells one to get help from Hercules.

Use the Touchscreen Mirror to warp to the underworld. Hercules will move the boulder for you.

Talk to Hades in his throne room to get his Crown.

Next, use the Touchscreen Mirror again to travel to Poseidon's Realm. Hercules will open the trail to the Throne Room.

After you are inside Poseidon's Throne Room, talk with him and he'll give you his Trident to assist you to in your fight against Zeus.

Use the Touchscreen Mirror to travel to the Gates. Hercules will open the gate for you when you arrive.

To get up the mountain, you will need to purchase a Bag of Wind from the blue-haired guy here. His name is Aeolus. The cost is one Drachma, which you got from cleaning up the grafitti outside Hades' temple.

Use the Bag of Wind to fly partway up Mt. Olympus. Afterward bound the remainder of the way.

Shoot Zeus with Poseidon's Trident to damage him. Prevent wind gusts and his lightning bolts. Pick up pink clouds to restore your energy.

August 20 2014


Finishing Shrink Ray Island In Poptropica

In Shrink Ray Island, the ultimate science fair project has been created by a young prodigy: Ray Gun Shrinks! But it has been stolen by a burglar and then shrinks down you to miniature size. You need to figure out who the robber is, how to save the young scientist, and how to return to full size again. In this quest, you will spend most of your time inside the apartment of the young scientist, looking for clues about who the burglar is. In this entire walkthrough, with all the cheats for Shrink Ray Island, you will understand how to solve everything step by step.

Shrink Ray Island arrived for members to play on June 30, 2011. Nonmembers will get about one month after to play. Before the island became accessible, there was a sneak preview with a mini game called Psychiatrist Shot.

Shrink Ray Island Walkthrough

You will drop down onto a chute and in the blimp, when you arrive on the island. Run to the right and go into the school.
Keep going right and go through the doors into the science fair.
Check out all the cool science fair projects and walk all the way to the right. You'll see a teacher standing close to an exhibit that is empty. Speak to the teacher.
The teacher is named0 Mr. Silva and he is worried about his star student, CJ. She is missing. Her parents are standing there too. Speak with them and they'll inform you to look in their own apartment on Avenue A.
Leave the school and go right You'll locate CJ's apartment there. You will see an orange cat.
Go interior and the cat will follow you in. Follow the cat near and you will get a good look at the apartment. It's a place that is pretty messy.
The cat will vanish and the door will be closed. That's odd! Now look for clues. First, head into CJ's bedroom on the left.
Click on the microscope and you will see she left a note saying that her creation was stolen.
A cloaked man will appear and he has the shrink ray gun. You will try to escape, but he corners you and shrinks you down to miniature size. Oh no!
Now begins the main part of this island quest, where you try and learn how to escape and rescue CJ and investigate the flat in Beat Poptropica Shrink Ray Island size that is shrunken.
First go to the kitchen all the way on the right. A remote catchy to get to, although you'll see it together with the refrigerator.
Run to the right and jump up onto the drawers that are open. You will find a screwdriver.
Jump up and run to the right to go to the next part of the kitchen.
Push the rolling pin to ensure it knocks the teapot onto the burner that is right. Then jump up which will lift you onto the ledge and sugar bowls.
Push the bottle of oil such that it starts dripping down.
Jump down to the floor and push on the cat food bowl. Then jump up to the shelf and jump up and down times to make the food fall out.
Drop back down to the floor and push the cat food bowl to the right. Leap up along with the food and after that onto the table.
Run to the right and pick the paper up. Afterward pick up a purple grape which you will carry.
Run with the grape all the way back to the left (to the kitchen space that is other).
Plug in the toaster. While taking the grape, hop onto the lever. Wait for it to pop you up to another shelf
Push on the salt shaker to the left so it's handle. Afterward jump up onto the cup. Then leap down onto the other end of the spatula and wait. The salt shaker fall, catapulting you up onto the top of the refrigerator and will rise.
Grab the remote control and jump down to the ground. Then run back into the living room.

...to be continued

Completing Shrink Ray Island In Poptropica

In Shrink Ray Island, the ultimate science fair project has been created by a youthful genius: Ray Gun Shrinks! But it has been stolen by a robber and shrinks you down. You need to figure out who the robber is, the way to rescue the young scientist, and how you can return to full size again. In this quest, you'll spend most of your time inside the flat of the young scientist, looking for clues about who the burglar is. In this walkthrough that is entire, with all the cheats for Shrink Ray Island, you will understand how to solve everything step by step.

Shrink Ray Island arrived to play on June 30, 2011. Non members will get about one month after to play. There was a sneak preview with a mini-game called Psychiatrist Shot, before the island became accessible.

Shrink Ray Island Walkthrough

When you first arrive on the island, you'll drop down onto a slide and from the blimp. Run to the right and go into the school.
Keep going right and go through the doors.
Take a look at all the cool science fair projects and walk all the way to the right side. You will see a teacher standing alongside an empty exhibit. Talk to the teacher.
The teacher is named0 Mr. Silva and he's worried about his star student, CJ. She is missing. Her parents are standing there also. Talk to her parents and they'll inform you to look in their flat on Avenue A.
Leave Poptropica Shrink Ray Island cheats the school and go right You will find CJ's apartment there. You'll see an orange cat.
Go inside and the cat will follow you in. Follow the cat near and you'll have a good look at the flat. It's a fairly messy place.
The cat will vanish and the door will be shut. That's not usual! Now search for clues. First, head into CJ's bedroom on the left.
Click on the microscope and you will see she left a note saying that her invention was stolen.
A cloaked man will appear and he has the shrink ray gun. You'll try to escape, but the masked man corners you and shrinks down you . Oh no!
Now starts the main part of this isle quest, where you attempt to figure out rescue and how to escape CJ and research the apartment in shrunken size.
First go to the kitchen all the way on the right. A remote catchy to get to, although you'll see it on the top of the refrigerator.
Run to the right and jump up onto the open drawers. You will locate a screwdriver.
Jump up onto the counter and run to the right to proceed to another section of the kitchen.
Push the rolling pin such that it knocks the teapot onto the burner that is right. Afterward jump up which will lift you onto the shelf with the flour and sugar bowls.
Push the bottle of oil such that it starts dripping down.
Jump down to the ground and shove the cat food bowl under the dripping oil. Then jump up to the shelf and jump up and down times.
Drop back down to the ground then push the cat food bowl. Leap up on the top of the food after which onto the table.
Run to the right and pick up the paper. Then pick up a purple grape which you will be carrying.
Run with the grape all the way back to the left (to the kitchen area that is other).
Plug in the toaster. While taking the grape, hop onto the lever. Wait for it to pop up you to another shelf
Push on the salt shaker to the left so it is on the spatula handle. Afterward jump up onto the cup with spoons. Then jump down onto another end of the spatula and wait. The salt shaker will rise and fall, catapulting you up onto the top of the fridge.
Catch the remote control then leap down to the ground. Subsequently run left back into the living room.

To Be Continued

August 18 2014


Poptropica Shrink Ray Island Full Walkthrough

This is a step-by-step walkthrough of Shrink Ray Island with keys and all the cheats for the adventure!
When you arrive at Shrink Ray Island, go to the building that is fair to the right and inside find the door on the left that has a Science Fair door.
Continue to go right till locate a teacher with a mustache, he is a Mr. Silva and the two individual on his right parents of CJ, they're stressed to the pupil CJ is missing.
Now go out to the building and continue on right to the Avenue A and find the flat of CJ.
You can easily know their apartment because there's a cat standing outside the door. When you enter to the apartment, the cat will even go inside and you have to make him go out to your house.
Follow the cat until it leaves the apartment. Now continue to when you do that a disguised man will appear and the computer table on the left side and allow you to shrink.
Now leap above the drawer and try to visit the blower, turn the blower on and a thumb drive will be revealed under the bed. Pick it up and proceed to the right.
You may be on the computer table again, if you look beside the notebook into the microscope, there's a note about a missing invention.
Run to the privilege to get to another section of the bedroom and then go right again to enter the living-room. Watch out for the cat's paw when you run past the family room door. Jump up in the air as you run past.
Go in the room. There is a remote control together with the refrigerator.
Run to the right and push the yellow sponge and jump on the drawer. On the second drawer you see a screwdriver. Then jump up onto the counter and run to the right to get to another part of the kitchen.
On the next site, there's a piece here that you must get Beat Poptropica Shrink Ray Island and it is on the far right side at the top of a table. Getting there is a little tricky!
First, shove on the rolling pin so that it knocks the teapot onto the other burner. Then run up and jump into the steam coming from your teapot. It is going to lift you up to the shelf and Drive oil over so that it starts dripping out. Go down to the ground so it's under the dripping oil after which shove the cat's food bowl. Now jump on the counter and then find cat food bag and jump into it repeatedly to make tons out. You should jump on it at least 45 times. The food and oil will stick together forming a stepping stool out of the cat food that you may use. Now go down again and push on the cat food bowl to the right such that it is underneath the table. Jump up on top of the cat food and then up onto the table top. Walk to the right to grab the piece of paper. Pick up among the purple grapes, which you will need for the following task, then before you go.
Go to the left side on the first section of the kitchen. Jump on the counter and run over towards the toaster. Click the stopper to plug it into the outlet.
Leap onto the toaster handle stand there for a few seconds and while holding the grape. The toaster heats up and the handle pops up, sending you flying upwards into the air. You'll land on a ledge with a cup full of utensils, a spatula, and a salt shaker.
Push the saltshaker until it is at the end handle. Jump up onto the cup filled with utensils and after that jump to the right and hold and watch for the saltshaker to fly back to the spatula and that may get you fly.
You'll then land together with the refrigerator, where you are able to pick up the remote control.
Use the batter, go down and head to the right till you locate a course plaything, use your screwdriver and you may get a battery, right above the course is a remote control and jump off the green button, the TV will turn on. Bound above to the right's antenna and you are going to be electrified. Because of this you can stick on the balloons and jump to the portrait.
Jump to the left and you'll see fish food, shake it 5-7 times so you wo n't be eaten by the fish, turn the aquarium off and dive in. Under it is the diary key.
You got the key, turn the aquarium on and you may blow outside.
Now visit the right and push on the green and yellow sponge close to the Power Clean spray bottle on the ground. Jump on the sponge and then onto the top. Eventually, jump to the highest part of the garbage can and go inside it.
Once inside, you need to solve a puzzle by transferring items. Objects that can be transferred are clickable. First click on it, and then click on either the right or left green arrows to move it. Be cautious: if you move an object that was holding others up you would like to watch out that everything does not fall on top of you! You target is to get to the top right corner and get the Torn Page.
Click the green restart button in the lower left of your screen to leave quickly, once you have the Torn Page.
Run left to leave head and the kitchen to the living-room and head back in order to find the next hint.
Go left to CJ's bedroom after which jump on her desk. Use the thumb drive to put it inside the computer. You will need to enter the password. The right password is m4r13 cur13. Marie Curie is CJ's hero and you need to replace the "i" with 1', the "a" with a 4 and the "e" with 3. The blueprints for the shrink ray gun will be uploaded.
Jump upward again to get on the ledge with Rubik's Cube's green diary and the she. Use the key in your backpack to open the diary. Afterward use the torn page to finish the ripped part and you'll get message. It sounds like the thief is close by!
Jump on the thermostat and get it spin to reddish so the heat turns on.
Jump down and stand close to the microscope. Then use the piece of paper from your back pack to put it down on the desk. Jump up onto the lamp after which bounce up and down several times to bring it down nearer to the paper. Click the light switch, when it will not go down anymore. The secret message is revealed by the heat from the lamp from CJ that was written in lemon juice. It says, "Look for me in the telescope. School coordinates."
Now go to another section of the bedroom to the left. Knock over the wastepaper basket and a bunch of paper will fall out and then climb in the heat coming up through the port. Use the papers as stages to get up in addition to the bed. Afterward pick up the morse code key in the top of the bed. Jump over onto the telescope. Then stand on each dial and spin them to these coordinates: x - 87 and y - 16.
Look through the telescope. CJ is inside the classroom and she is sending you a message in Morse code. Use the key to decipher the message as they are sent by her to you personally and click each letter. The complete message is: flush the thumb drive. Head for the bathroom.
The aim is to ensure we are able to flush the thumb drive to get past the tub and around to the bathroom. Run to the left and jump on the drawer manages to reach the counter top. Bound onto the hair dryer and stand on the back end so that it points upward. Then click on the red button. Jump into the stream of hot air and to the next section of the toilet and move then you'll end up on top of the shower curtain pole. Drop down onto the soap dish and push the bar off. Jump down into the bathtub. Proceed to the right and climb the rope up. Afterward stand turn the water on and run to whirl it and handle. The water will fill the bathtub up so you can swim around to the floating bar of soap. Leap onto the bar of soap and from there jump onto the back of the rubber duck. Now jump from the bath to the left. Leap onto the stack of toilet paper and onto the red plunger. Then leap up to the toilet bowl. Use the thumb drive in your backpack to drop the bowl inside, while standing on it. Next, hop to the flush handle to send the thumb drive down. Head back how you came to exit.
Go all the way back to the telescope in CJ's toilet and establish it to the same coordinates (87,16). Peek into it again and CJ has a new message for you. The new message reads, "Thief is Mr. Silva. Now we must escape the apartment and save CJ!"
Return to the living room and take the battery out of the remote control. Then put it into the toy truck. Drive the toy truck and get in left into CJ's bedroom.
Escape the truck and jump up onto CJ's bookshelf. Visit the top where you will locate a book called, Tess's Tree by Jess M. Brallier. Push the novel off the shelf to make it land and form a ramp your truck can go over. Jump back down and get in the truck. Drive over the ramp and you will see a brief cinematic where you drive up and through the glass window out into the road.
Outside the road, you will begin playing with an overhead mini-game that is simple where you have to drive the truck down the street while avoiding barriers. The ride lasts a little over a minute and it quite simple to complete.
You'll find yourself inside Mr. Silva's office in the school. Run left and there's CJ!
But will attempt to Mr. Silva to shrink you into oblivion. Now you need to avoid the ray gun.
In this game you have to hide behind things when the ray gun appears so that the object instead of you shrinks. Go to the left across the ground. You can pause behind each object or bypass one (if you are quick enough). You will need to start over, if you get hit by the ray gun. You are aim is hide to mirror and go to the table and the shrink ray reflects off the mirror and hits Mr., when him Silva tries to shrink you this time! Mr. shrinks himself and falls into the ant farm jar, where he is trapped!
Click the switch and after that you'll both return to standard size.
Now you are back on the science fair and you get the isle medallion for solving Shrink Ray Island.

August 17 2014


Poptropica Counterfeit Island Walkthrough

Counterfeit Island will be the 10th quest in the popular web based adventure, Poptropica. It started in early access mode in late December, 2009 and was openly accessible in January. The island's story is that a notorious art thief has hatched a plot to steal some very important art from the island's museum, but no one knows who the thief is or when the heist will happen. It's up to you to save the day. The island is very mysterious and anyone could be a suspect as you try to figure out what's going on. This is a step-by-step walkthrough of the entire quest with all the cheats and secrets for Counterfeit Island.

First Steps on the Island

Obviously, first things first. Use the map to travel by balloon to Counterfeit Island. Your balloon will park near the art museum on the island. When you land, just head to the right side and visit Downtown. The first store you'll see Downtown is a shop called Bobo's. Walk inside the store. You'll see several colored balloons inside. Click on the green one to pick it up and then leave the clown store.

SPECIAL: you can jump up on the roof of the store to talk with Bobo the clown. He'll tell you why he's up on the roof. It's not necessary to talk with him to complete this quest.

Now go all the way to the right and go into the Countryside zone. There's a sobbing kid here along with his mother (or sister?). The kid is very upset about something. You can perk him up by giving him your green balloon. Click on him to give it over. When he tales it fom you, he'll lift up into the sky. Poor balloon boy! You don't need to try to save him, though. Head back to the left to go Downtown and then run all the way to the left of that zone and go into Main Street. As soon as you arrive on Main Street, go inside the building named the Web Browser Internet Cafe. Once you're inside, walk to the right and talk to the bearded guy wearing the hat and camera. The poor guy lost his tunnel tour tickets. He would like you to help him find them and if you do, he'll give one to you. While you're here be sure to look at the TV behind you. You'll see balloon boy flying way up high in the sky. He's on the news! Next, walk outside the Internet cafe and then run to the Downtown zone to the right.

Look for a garbage can that is right next to the entrance of the Tunnel Tour. Click on the garbage can and a screen will appear showing all garbage inside. Move all the garbage pieces away from the middle by clicking and dragging them. You'll soon spot the tickets that were lost. Click on the tickets and they'll go into your backpack.

OK, now run back to Main Street and enter the Web Browser Internet Cafe again. Go inside and stand next to the man who lost the tickets. Find the tickets in your backpack and click on Use to give them to him. The tourist will be so pleased that you found the tickets that he will give you one as a thank you for returning them.

OK, head back Downtown and go to the entrance to the underground tunnel tour. There's a woman standing outside wearing a green beret. While you are standing near her, open your backpack and find the ticket. Click on the "Use" button on the ticket Next, click on the gate behind you to start the tour.

Fortunately the tunnel tour is very easy to follow. When you get to the bottom, you'll see a lightbulb hanging down from a cable in the middle of the tunnel. Jump onto the cable and then climb up until you get to the very top. There is a torn piece of paper sitting on another cable over to your right. Of course this is another piece of the torn picture that you are collecting all over the island. Now jump to the right to catch the piece of the torn picture. When you pass over the torn picture, you'll pick it up. Now get back on the tour and keep following the main tunnel until you get to a set of stairs that head up to a door. Go up the stairs to leave and finish the tour.

The Strange Guy

Right after you exit the tour, you'll meet a mysterious man standing next to the exit. He'll tell you a story and ask you to get a job at the museum, counterfeit island walkthrough then meet him in this same spot after nightfall. Next, go back up and to the right. You'll find one more piece of the torn picture. Grab this picture piece. Before leaving this area, run across the docks to the left and jump up to the top of the mast on the fishing boat to find your third piece of the torn picture. Now that you've got both the torn picture pieces from here, go back to the right and go to Main Street and then walk into the museum.

In the Museum

Speak with the guard who is standing by the door inside the museum and he'll tell you to go upstairs and talk to the assistant curator. The assistant curator is up the stairs right above the entrance. Go up and talk to him. He will tell you that four paintings have been placed in the wrong wings of the museum and that he needs you to put them in their correct spots. In each of the different wings, one of the paintings on the wall will come off poptropica help and tips and you'll be able to carry it. Here's where all the paintings should go.

  1. The painting in the cubism wing goes into the impressionism wing.

  2. The painting in the impressionism wing goes into the expressionism wing.

  3. The painting in the expressionism wing goes into the realism wing.

  4. The painting in the realism wing goes into the cubism wing.

When you're done placing all of the paintings, go back and speak to the assistant curator. He'll give you the job and will take you to start your training. The first stop is inisde the Forgery Detection Lab. Speak to him and then he'll tell you to select a station to begin your training. Click on the first desk to get started. You'll get a special X-Ray device that you can use on the paintings. Use it on each one until you find the canvas with the sketches underneath the paint. You can use the arrows at the top of the screen to move between the different paintings. Then you click on the one you think is the real deal.

In the next test, you'll use a magnifying glass to try and figure out which painting is a fake. Take a peek at the corners of each painting and locate the signatures. One of the signatures is slightly different than all of the others. The one with the different signature is the forgery. Good job!

The third test is a photograph and you need to click on the area that shows it is a fake. Look up on the left side where you seen the moon. Click on the dark part of the moon. If this was really a picture of the moon, there would be no stars on the dark side of it.

Now move to the next station, where the museum does chemical analysis of paint samples. In this test, you select a paint sample and then it drops into the beaker. A red bar moves across and when it reaches a square, that square lights up with a color. Click on that color beaker above while the square is lit to add it into the test solution. If you do it correctly and in time, a green check mark will appear over the square. Repeat this exercise until all four of the squares are done right. Now repeat the whole process for the remaining two paint samples. Once you conclude this test, your training is finished and the assistant curator will grant you a key to the supply closet.
Leave the forgery detection lab and walk right and then follow the signs to the statue room and security office. Walk left past the statues and follow the sign to the security office and supply closet. Go left to the end and you'll arrive at the supply closet door. Use the key from your backpack to unlock it and get inside. Once you walk in, you'll find the sixth and final piece of the torn picture, which will complete to form the image of a gargoyle head.

Next, leave the supply closet and walk back to the other end of the statue room. Walk back into the main area and go outside the museum. Once you get outside, you'll discover that night has arrived. Go back to the city docks, which are over to the left. The strange and mysterious man will be standing right where you saw him last. Return into the gate to the underground tour area and then take the tunnel all the way until you get to the wood ladder. Climb up to the top and then click on the hatch you see above. You'll see the hatch cover appear. It's got a very familiar picture of a gargoyle head. Re-arrange the pieces on the hatch to match the version you see in the torn picture. All of the features have to match the picture exactly. Once you've got it exactly right, the hatch opens up and you can climb through it.

When you get through the hatch you will find youself back in the museum supply closet. Use your supply room key to unlock the door from the inside and then go into the hall. Be careful because the security guard can be seen pacing back and forth inside the security office. Wait for her to go by and then run past the window all the way to the statue room door. Go inside and then move across the room carefully, avoiding the laser beams. To avoid being spotted by a laser beam, hide behind either the plants or statues. When you get across the room safely, go outside into the main hall.

Next walk up and left until you get to the spot where the painting of the Scream is hanging. Click on the top of it and you will jump up onto the light hanging above it. All of the sudden the museum alarms will go off and the police will arrive. This doesn't look good! You'll be placed in jail and then questioned by the police. You will take a lie detector test which is very easy to pass. Then you'll be asked to join the chief inspector over at the museum security office.

On the way back to the museum office, stop inside Bobo's clown shop, where you'll find the security guard from the museum. Click on him to ask him why he left his post and you'll get his time card. Once you have the time card, leave the clown shop and go to the security office in the museum. Once you arrive, walk to the right and click on the big computer. Because you have the time card that the security guard gave you, you'll know where to look when reviewing the footage. You will see the mysterious guy appear and walk up to the painting. You can get a print out of the security camera footage by pressing the print screen button on the computer. Next talk to the chief investigator. Her advice will be to show the picture around to the citizens of the island. Walk out of the museum and head back to the outside of the clown shop.

When you arrive outside the clown shop, show the surveillance video screen print to one of the mimes. The mime will pretend to play music, which is a clue that the mysterious guy you're looking for is hiding in the jazz cafe. Walk a little bit to the right and then go inside the cafe. When you arrive inside the cafe, walk to the right and the mysterious man will be there. He will run away from you. Follow him to the right to begin a big chase.

This is where the scooter ride chase scene begins. You'll both be riding scooters. You don't actually catch him during this scene. All you need to do is avoid the different obstacles that appear in the road as you go by. The chase goes on for a while and then you'll wind up at the Docks. The thief will escape in a waiting motor boat but will drop a key card which you will pick up.

Now you want to head over to the museum. Once you enter, you'll see the assistant curator standing there. He's waiting with a package that was addressed to you. When you open up the package, it reveals a painting of "Starry Night" by Vincent Van Gogh. And there is also an X-ray device inside. Open your backpack and click on the Examine button on the painting to take a closer look. Drag the x-ray device over the painting and you'll see a secret message from the curator telling you to meet at the Pop Art Museum in Early Poptropica island. This is a fun part where you now have to leave Counterfeit Island and go to Early Poptropica. Go outside the museum and get back into your balloon. Choose Early Poptropica on the map.

Walk left to the Pop Art Museum and then go inside. You'll see a woman wearing purple. Click on her to hear her story and then she will give you a key. Exit the museum, go back to your travel balloon, and head back to Counterfeit Island.

When you arrive back in Counterfeit Island, run all the way to the right to the Countryside. You'll see the Inspector's house here and you can use the key that the Curator gave to you to get inside. Head upstairs and you'll see a painting hanging on the wall. Click on it to remove the canvas and you'll see that it's hiding the stolen painting from the museum! But then the lights will go out and you'll be knocked unconscious.

Once you come to, you discover that you're deep underground in some sort of secret hideout. You and the mysterious art thief guy in sunglasses and a trenchcoat are tied up together in a chair and the Black Widow is here. She has captured you! The Black Widow will leave the room and then you and the mysterious guy will talk about how you were both set up by her. He'll tell you to move your chair close to him so that he can untie you. Moving the chair can be a little tricky. To do it, click and drag the mouse to the left. Inch by inch, you'll get a little closer each time. When you get close enough, you both are free from your bonds. The mysterious guy has an idea that you should both go after the Black Widow. Head out of the room to the right.

You'll arrive in the next room. Run all the way to the left and then jump up on the crates. You need to avoid the guards while you do this. One of the most difficult guards to get past is the one walking on one of the platforms above. Wait until he reaches the end of the left side and then switches direction and starts going to the right. Jump up immediately and follow him a few steps until you see a couch. Leap onto the couch and then use it to bounce up and left. Here you'll see a special access panel. Use the key card you got at the end of the scooter chase at the Docks. Go through the door to enter Black Widow's private gallery. Next, walk to the left to start the final battle.

The guy will move to the left and climb up onto a giant platform that is operated by a handle. You need to turn the handle to raise the platform up so that he can catch her. But once he gets on the panel, the Black Widow starts to destroy all the art she has stolen by hurling it down at you. Now it gets more complicated. You must try to catch the artwork as she throws it down while always attemping to turn the handle so that the platform will rise and the mysterious guy can get to the top. This is a very difficult battle and requires good reflexes and timing. If more than one million dollars of art breaks, you'll fail and have to start this part over again. But after every four pieces you save, she'll get really mad and then you have a few seconds to run over to the platform to turn the handle. However you need to move very quickly because after just a couple of seconds, she tosses a bomb at you. You need to avoid getting hit by the exploding bomb and then return to the middle to try and catch four more pieces of art. You just need to keep doing this same cycle over and over until you get the platform with the guy on it all the way to the top.
When you get the platform all the way up, the guy captures her. You'll appear inside the Internet Cafe and the Curator will be there. She'll tell you to meet her at the museum. The curator will show you that the museum has actually been a secret safeguard for some of the world's most important works of art. Along with her thanks for saving the day and capturing the Black Widow, you'll receive the island medallion. Hooray!

August 10 2014


Poptropica Explained

In the popular online game Poptropica, you'll find that there are countless hours of entertainment available. The primary goal of the game is to take part in and finish the different islands, or quests, in the game. Each individual island quest contains a different plot and theme and specific objectives. Poptropica has a whimsical look and is an invigorating game to play. You can find many fun and exciting secrets in the game. There are so many Poptropica Cheats that they can't all fit into one web site but I've got a low-down of Poptropica to give you and idea of what you can do in Poptropica.

Islands in Poptropica

You can adventure on more than twenty islands in the game, with many more coming every month or so. The Poptropica islands are:

  1. Early Poptropica

  2. Sharktooth

  3. 24 Carrot

  4. Time Tangled

  5. Super Power

  6. Spy

  7. Nabooti

  8. Big Nate

  9. Astro-Knights

  10. Counterfeit

  11. Reality TV

  12. Mythology

  13. Skullduggery

  14. Steamworks

  15. Great Pumpkin

  16. Cryptids

  17. Wild West

  18. Wimpy Wonderland

  19. Red Dragon

  20. Shrink Ray

  21. Mystery Train

  22. Game Show

  23. Ghost Story

  24. S.O.S.

  25. Vampire's Curse

  26. Twisted Thicket

  27. Poptropolis Games

  28. Wimpy Boardwalk

  29. Lunar Colony

  30. Super Villain Island

  31. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

  32. Zomberry Island

  33. Night Watch Island

  34. Back Lot Island

  35. Virus Hunter Island

  36. Mocktropica Island

  37. Monster Carnival Island

  38. Survival Island

  39. Mission: Atlantis

You can do any island quest at any time, but you might want to get started with one of the first islands, like Shark Tooth to build a idea of how to play.

How to Play the Game

Your character may be either gender and you can alter the appearance prior to starting the game. You can start with a new player every time or register with an account to save your character as a veteran player.

The game is like a classic side-scroller. You start each island by arriving via balloon and then have to talk to characters that you meet to determine what needs to be done. Then you progress through the mission until you have completed all the tasks you need to finish.

Poptropica mashes together puzzle-solving and quests with basic arcade skills like running, jumping and playing with objects in the world. Much of the game includes jumping around things in the way or climbing up buildings to find secret spots.

Other Players

There are some buildings on all of the Poptropica islands where you can play mini-games against other players. Winning many mini-games increases your battle ranking. Another thing you may do is chat by using a point and click menu system.

July 06 2014


Angry Birds Epic Tips

Get Acquainted With Your Enemies Before You Make a Move

As soon as you enter a battle with those nefarious pigs, do not run in and begin attacking. 1st things 1st - examine your foes by holding your finger over eacg enemy. Since you will get to see what types of skills and attacks each pig possesses achieving this will allow you to come up with a strong game plan.

You must always target the pigs who are harmful for your party. Occasionally it makes more sense to take out the enemies that won't take you too long to conquer. Pick your targets so once you find out what they are able to do.

Replay As Numerous Conflicts As Potential for Gear and Things

Angry Birds Epic does a little something distinct from most mobile games these days by excluding the use of an energy meter limit. This implies whenever you want, since you can play as long as you desire you will not have to handle your playtime.

Now you know this, you should take advantage of it as a way to acquire gear and more items for the party by replaying missions. Your primary aim when it comes to taking on missions that are beaten is picking up the resources needed for crafting purposes.

Here's An Extremely Sound Strategy That Can Take Advantage of Your Party

Since her healing abilities are extremely useful when you unlock the Cleric, things become really pleasant in terms of strategy. Have your Mage equip the Lightning Bird hat which allows you to choose one of your fowl that attacks a random enemy. Simply pick the Cleric, which does 40 foundation damage (more in relation to the Knight) and also re-establishes 8 well-being to your own troops. Then you'll attack once again getting 16 wellbeing that is free. Use it with the Mage for extra healing from random attacks in the Cleric when the Chili meter fills. Make sure that you constantly keep these things under the Knight's shield and you're ready to wreak havoc in all phases!

Be Sure To Then Add Live Pals!

When you embrace some real buddies who help you develop more Friendship Essence and more prize rolls it pays off well. Plus you'll have the choice to borrow one of your friends' fowl and add it to your party for an assignment.

You will get the choice to acquire some free doses of Friendship Essence all at once, daily. In this case, it is best to have a nice collection of live friends for the game since the worth of Friendship Essence you'll be able to acquire goes up. The more friends you've...well, you realize the rest.

Keep a Close Eye on Those Scavenge Points

On a daily basis, you'll see that the scavenge points on the map will get a fine new dosage of new loot to acquire.

Always take the angrybirds epic secrets time to keep a close eye on these places, revisit them daily and pick up the great pieces so that you can cash out as much as possible they hold.

Junk Your More Useless Items to Be Able To Get More Stuff

Don't become an in-game hoarder! Just remove some of the weaker weapons and other kinds of items in your stock. Once you need to do this and trash 'em, you will come away with a couple of extra materials you can use to create new items.

Your Star Rating Depends on...

The amount of wellbeing your party of fowl still have at the finish of a conflict. So this means you should always keep tabs how low your birds' well-being is getting as the ending of a battle is almost close.

Opt for the Golden Anvil!

Between the Golden Anvil, the Golden Cauldron, and the Golden Chili, it's hard to decide which to go for first. The Golden Anvil wins out because quality gear will provide the most consistent, continuing bonus through improved crafted supplies, compared to the cauldron which simply provides more consumables that you shouldn't be greatly relying on, or the chili which lets you start off an assignment with a bang, but nothing else after that. Limited time special offers will pop up once in awhile that cuts the gold price in half, so it is usually wise to wait before biting on the bullet.

Keep your Banana Potions on Deck and Constantly Search Out for the Materials Needed to Assemble Them

Banana Potions tend to be the consumables that you'll always need to keep all the time. These healing items will take care of you during those amazingly demanding missions..

You will find a way to make your own Banana Potions just by gathering water, bananas and test tubes and putting them together.

View Those Free Videos That Rovio Offers One To See

Rovio tends to consider its players through all these Angry Birds primary games and spinoff launches. As for how they help players in Angry Birds Epic, Rovio offers them the opportunity to check out some videos.

Watch these videos ASAP because they'll give your party a 20-percent increase in health and assault characteristics. You should view these videos before you head into some dangerous territory within an assignment that is harder.

June 14 2014


Early Poptropica Cheats

Early Poptropica was the initial isle to appear in Poptropica. On it, the islands oldest inhabitants request you to help them find three stolen things: a pig, pail, and a signal flag.

First Stop: Main Street

When you climb-down from your blimp, you will locate yourself on Main Street. Go inside the Pop-Art Museum to see art from renowned artists and talk to the artists themselves. Meet other players inside the two multiplayer rooms: the Arcade and the Soda Pop Store.

You might start researching by climbing up the Watertower. You Will see a flag there, but you will not be able to reach it. You'll also see an open manhole. If you want you are able to bound down now, but you should wait until you get your Glowstick. Getting backup isn't so simple!

The Outdated Part of Town

Go right-on Main Street to get to Early Poptropica. The figures here look like pilgrims, and the structures look like old cottages. They'll inform you about the items they're missing: One pilgrim is lacking a Pig, one is missing a Bucket, if you speak to these early inhabitants, and the third is missing a Signal Flag.

Remember that Glowstick we mentioned? You're able to find it here if you clim down inside the properly and jump from platform to stage. Walk into the Glow Stick to add it to your items.

Back to Main Street

Now that you have the Glow Stick, it is time to investigate that manhole. Leap down to the underside. You could easily get knocked over by a spider, but that's fine. Even if you drop all the way to the base, you'll still land on your feet. Afterward jump over the green spider and go right to locate the prized porker. Touch the pig to include it to your items. You might be tempted to abandon the manhole now, but there's more to be located down there. Get after dark green spider again and enter the tunnel on your left.

Your Glow Stick will light the way through the tunnel. When you see a rope, climb up. Keep climbing until you find the Golden Egg. There are hints composed on the partitions to let you know if you should be going in the correct path. Contact it to include it to your things, when you find the Golden Egg.

After you get the Egg, travel up to locate a way out, and you will discover yourself front of Poptropica Towers.

Check Out Poptropica Towers

So now you might have the Pig, but you nevertheless want the Flag and the Pail. You should start exploring the city street lined with tall structures, since you're at Poptropica Towers. Leap to the ledge of the first building you see and head for the roof! Travel from roof-top to rooftop, bouncing off clotheslines to assist you. Climb to the very top, which looks like a roof-top restaurant, when you attain the blue building. Then climb up the vine.

Land of the Purple Giant

Now you are in the clouds. Move right till you see an immense pair of purple toes. Click on them to speak to the giant. He Will take your Golden Egg as defrayal to enter his vegetable garden. You Will locate the pail on the list of enormous veggies.

Enter the Plane Graveyard

Keep moving right until you find the Aircraft Graveyard. You can't use any of the planes here, but if you look attentively, you'll find a Jet-Pack. This is only what you need certainly to get to large places--like the best of the Watertower, where the Signal Flag expects you.

Get back to Main Street any manner you're able to. Subsequently use the Jetpack to fly to the top of the Water Tower. To fly, transfer your cursor till you see a green-up-arrow. Click and hold to move-up. Then move left or right. When you achieve the best of the tower, click the Flag to add it to your things.

Make Your Deliveries

Now you've got the Bucket, the Pig, and the Flag. Head straight back to Early Poptropica. (you're able to fly if you need to, but you'll need certainly to walk between Main Street and Early Poptropica.)

Speak to each of the three pilgrims who were lost items. When you do, the items came back to their original owners and will be removed from your Stock. Once you return the Signal Flag, a boat will attain the dock. Speak to the person on the boat, and he'll thanks using an Early Poptropica Medallion. Congratulations!
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